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My First Friends

"My First Friends" is an informative book that introduces kids to animals in a fun, playful way. Talking about themselves, baby animals ask the little reader to guess, who are they? Riddles in verses help the toddler to find the right answer. By flipping the page over, the child will immediately be able to check his answer by seeing a magnificent illustration depicting a baby animal. Watercolor illustrations and brief information about the life of each animal will help the little reader to learn about new animal friends. Each baby animal communicates with the child and becomes his friend. After reading the book with mom or dad, children will gain new knowledge and consolidate them by solving fun activities at the end of the book. The book “My First Friends” was written by N. Nell. Watercolor illustrations were made by the artist Anastasia Anikeychik. Anastasia is a mother herself and knows well what is interesting to little tykes. So her book was already appreciated by the first reader - her son.


This book is available  in English and Russian.




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