My journey in creative arts education began in 1999. After graduating from Moscow College of Architecture and Building Arts in 2005, I completed the Batchelor's Degree from Moscow Architectural Institute. Focusing on minimalist architecture. I worked as an architect for 7 years thereafter. Since 2013 I have traveled extensively throughout most of Europe as well as Canada and then made my home in Vernon, BC in 2015.


My artistic career started after I gave birth to my child in 2016.  My son became my inspiration and my muse and he still is. In the beginning, I chose watercolor because it is easy to use, allowing me the ability to paint for any length of time without a lot of preparation, which is important with a small child. But I was amazed by the unique spontaneity and endless possibilities of the medium while making portraits of my son and of people close to me.


In my portraits, I strive to paint not only physical appearance but to study the essential truths about a person within. I work mainly in a realistic style for my commission work, but I also enjoy experimenting with abstraction in my art practice. To challenge myself, I try different pigments, techniques, and surfaces, such as Aquaboard, watercolor grounds, Yupo paper, etc. These investigations into abstraction inspire my capacity to follow the material flow and formal possibilities. 


In 2019 I started to work on creating baby animals paintings and then in 2020 I published a children book “My First Friends” based on the illustrations I made.


Currently, I am teaching watercolor classes and sharing my love of the medium as well as I am a member of Ali Cavanaugh’s Community of watercolor artists.

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