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Anastasia Anikeychik is a watercolour artist residing in Vernon, BC.

Anastasia was born in Moscow, Russia. She discovered her passion for art in her childhood. Since then her journey begun from the creative arts education in 1999. She graduated in 2005 from Moscow College of Architecture and Building Arts and then in 2009 from Moscow Architectural Institute, where a large part of her art knowledge and skills was developed.  Then she worked as an architect mainly in a minimalistic style.

 Anastasia has traveled extensively throughout most of Europe and parts of Canada and in 2016, she moved to Vernon where she started her artistic career. Always striving to learn more, Anastasia has taken workshops with world-known masters.

She published her book “My First Friends” with her baby animal illustrations in Russian and English. Currently, her primary interest has been the creation of watercolor portraits. She enjoys experimenting with different watercolour pigments, surfaces and techniques. Anastasia believes that you will never get tired of watercolour as there is always something new to learn.


“My art is a modern illustration that is based on positive emotions and feelings. I hope that every piece of my work will keep your day sunny”



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